Thanh Binh Paint Brush is managed by the founders who are dedicating over 40 years with full of passion in producing paint brushes; paint rollers; decorative tools and construction supportive tools.

Known as the Pioneer in Vietnam by investing the advanced technology and production system, in conjunction with experienced Vietnamese craftsmanship, Thanh Binh Paint Brush has always be a leading position in creativity and introducing the new high-quality products to domestic and international markets.


  • General information


    Established in 1970, Thanh Binh Paint Brush has always been developing and ensuring its Leading manufacturer position in Vietnam regarding Paint Brushes; Paint Rollers; Decorative Tools and Construction Supportive Tools...

  • Vision


    Ensuring its Leading Manufacturer position in Vietnam, Thanh Binh Paint Brush has invested the most advanced Synthetic Filament production system to produce alternative paint brushes with eco-friendly materials.

  • Commitment


    By applying the advanced management system, Thanh Binh Paint Brush deploys the ERP system to manage resources from equipment to materials... ensuring high-quality to all products are always delivered on-time from any market's demands.

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